Normet Service Center Inaugurated in Chile

January 14, 2020


Normet Service Center Inaugurated in Chile

The Service Center will enhance the capabilities to support Normet customers in Latin America with equipment rebuilds and process training.

“The Service Center is an important milestone for Normet to support the growing Normet fleet in Latin America and to enhance our capability to deliver refurbished machines to our customers more quickly”, says Juan Albanece, General Manager, Services Normet Latin America.

In addition to enhanced capabilities with rebuilds, process training is another key function of the new center.

“Process training will help our customers to improve the competence of their staff on key processes. For example, with sprayed concrete we have proven that training will improve productivity and reduce rebound, reducing CO2 emissions as well”, says Marcelo Anabalon, Senior Vice President, Normet Latin America.

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