Latin America News is proud to once again host the Business Awards. The Business Awards will once again recognise the hard-working firms and individuals within the Latin America region that allow it to have a chance of becoming a key financial region.

While Latin America’s main sectors are manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and mining, we at Latin America News are determined to ensure these industries are recognised, for their significance. However, we at Latin America News take pride that our Business Awards programme accepts nominations from all business sectors and markets and do not discriminate based on the size or reach of a company when accepting nominations are put forward, ensuring companies of smaller sizes are given the chance to receive the recognition they richly deserve.

Taking part of this year’s awards has many benefits for both your employees and business. It will boost staff morale by proving that all the hard work done has not gone unnoticed. In the busy day-to-day running of a business it is all too easy to overlook the consistent hard work done behind the scenes. By putting forward your business for an award, and letting employees know that it is due to their efforts, is the perfect way to let them know you have recognised their efforts and that they are the backbone in making the business the success it is.

Should you go on to be named a winner within the Business Award programme, you are given materials to help you demonstrate to customers, clients and peers your success. We also offer a variety of promotional items and services which can help to enhance and promote your win via physical and digital products which assist in displaying your business’s acumen and strengths within your given market. Proving, beyond doubt, that you are key player within your region since our winners are carefully selected scrutinized throughout the entire award selection and judging phases.

A merit-driven programme, the Business Awards on Latin America News, are also proud to say that we are not a pay-to-play programme, nor do we base our decisions purely on the number of votes received by a company.

Our previous year’s winners can be viewed below along with the annual celebratory magazine, allowing you to view of the type of in-house marketing available and how our winners have made the most of their success for the sustainability and longevity of their business.

Should you wish to discuss this, or any other part of the process, from nominations to judging, please feel free to contact us via email, social media or telephone. There is also a FAQs page you can visit, which may answer many immediate questions, for your convenience.

So, if you know of, or belong to a business entity whom you feel is deserving of recognition for their contributions to the Latin America Region, follow the links below and take part in the Business Awards 2019.

Winners Announced! Please See Below for Supplement and Full List of Winners!

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